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Dec 26 2012

"The Future of EdTech"


I would like to take time in this blog post to talk about The Future of EdTech.  Being the founder and CEO of an EdTech company has brought me to the life of answering many different types of questions. The one question I get often is; "Mark, what role do you see EdTech playing in the future of education."  I would usually give the first answer that came to my head, but lately I started to put a lot of thought in it.  By this I mean that I started to look where we are now and where I see us going. I started looking around at all the EdTech companies available and what resources or functions that they bring to the table. I was amazed at what was out there and what could be accomplished if used to their full potential. The major problem I saw was a fragmented market with no clear  vision on the future. I envision the future where students could access anything from anywhere with no walls to detain them. Many of you reading this are thinking, they could do that now.  I want you to close your eyes and start thinking about the future of education. Picture a student sitting in his virtual classroom  and learning at his own speed based on his learning strengths. I see an augmented reality where students can enter any class being taught anywhere around the world. I want to learn Spanish about Spanish history so I enroll in a class in Spain. I'm not talking about an online class but a class where I physically can sit and learn from this teacher in Spain. We talk about breaking down the walls of the classroom and enhancing the quality of education through greater access and communication, and this to me is what EdTech will be like in the future. I along with other founders are very excited about what EdTech holds for our future generations. The next time someone asks me that question I'm going to tell them to close their eyes and dream of an Augmented reality were you can learn anything you want at any time. No restrictions equal a brighter and stronger future for our next generations.  As a tech society, we're almost there and this is what I envison next for The Future of EdTech.


What are your thoughts about "The Future of Educational Technology?"

written by Mark Bavisotto, Founder and CEO of EduStruct


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