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This is the best possible way to start a business because it helps you to avoid most mistakes that cause businesses to fail.

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Why spend thousands of dollars on expensive university programs or expensive consultants, when you can learn to start and grow your business through a practical, step-by-step approach taught by successful entrepreneurs, for a fraction of the price. This is best possible way to start a business because it avoids most mistakes that causes businesses to fail.

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1. Need or Developing an Idea?

Propel Academy can help turn your idea into a profitable business. Need an idea? Don’t worry; we can identify an idea that will turn your passion into a profitable business.


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Enroll in Propel Academy and learn from the world’s greatest entrepreneurs the correct way to start a business.


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After completing Propel Academy’s 90 day course, you will have started a business that is validated and can become successful.


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Exclusive access to business courses, mentorship, funding and so much more.,

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